Vendor/Artist Info


8-Bit Perler Art 

Aquabun LLC 

Conpacks Studios 

Graysama Art 

Pastel Cottage (Crochet Items Dice Bags, Dice Trays, Comic Buttons, Hats, Bookmarks, Manga Sleeves, Kindle Sleeves)


4 Friends With Toys (Toys & pop culture items)

A Twisted Yarn (Figurines, Trinkets, Toys)

All About EWE (3d prints, pinback buttons, art)

An Everyday Otaku (Anime variety tapestries/ blankets/ keychains/ figures/ manga)

Art by Joe Lisi (anime & comic art)

Cherry 🍒 Pickers (comic books)

Goofsters Comics (comic books & toys)

Gothic.Mahou / Disarray_Senpai (Licensed anime figures, tumblers, metal posters, keychains, buttons, pins, metal bookmarks, headset accessories) 

Green Goliath Toys and Games (Funko Pop, collectibles, Loungefly bags)

Murcles Art (anime art)

Otaku Junkie (anime figures, collectibles, plush)

P.S. Games and Collectibles (Plushies, Figures, mystery boxes, international snacks, jewelry, keychains, pins, cards, collectables) 

Red Finds Games (Video Games, plush, 3d prints)

RED GATOR TOYS (Swords, Pokemon cards & Anime collectibles) 

Rurouni Foodie (Anime, video games & pop culture collectibles)

The Mage's Emporium (manga)

Vinklar’s Retail Liquidation (Funko Pops & collectibles)